Commercial insurance can be confusing and expensive. Few people understand the vocabulary, structure and detailed mechanics of insurance. This pocketbook is an excellent ready reference for brokers, agents and their clients, giving comprehensive details of the current covers available in the marketplace and their practical application.

Trade Credit insurance

Non-payment due to buyer being declared bankrupt or under bankruptcy protection arrangements or becomes insolvent represents significant operational risks.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business may have to close down completely while the premises are being repaired potentially losing out to competitors.

Cyber Liability insurance

Cyber-attacks aren’t limited to lone teenagers but may come from nation states, terrorists, criminals, activists and company insiders.

Directors & Officers Liability insurance

Civil, criminal or regulatory proceedings can be taken if an act of a director or an officer is found to have caused adverse financial consequences to the business.

Hull & Machinery insurance

Commercial shipping is the most international of all the trade services. It represents a significant capital investment and entails huge financial vulnerabilities.

Key Person insurance

The most important asset of a company is it’s people especially those individuals whose talents, expertise and business contacts drive the business.

Get Deeper Fundamental Understanding

The author used easy flowing narrative style in the development of the content to reduce the complexity of understanding the scope of coverage. Learn:

Factors effecting premium rates

Setting liability limits and sums insured

Most used exclusions and coverage extensions

Real life case studies backed by international research findings

Common misconceptions and typical gaps in coverage

Get Deeper Fundamental Understanding


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The most comprehensive and effective book on the market.

This book is for you if you are a broker, agent, a salesman or an insurance buyer.

If you are an insurance professional:

Learn 30 different insurance policies. Property, Cyber, Marine, Auto, Liability and Medical are a sample of the covers demystified. Remove confusion and conflicting advice. Case studies, survey findings and research from more than 80 published papers will help you leapfrog your toughest competitors.

If you are a buyer:

Know what is and isn’t covered by commercial insurance policies. Learn to avoid common pitfalls, lower your costs and win insurance arguments. Read how to cover your business against all kinds of liabilities. Speak the language of insurance sellers and negotiate intelligently.

Stay informed. Insurance is quickly evolving!

Stay informed. Insurance is quickly evolving!

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