Freeze: This is a Ransom-ware Attack

Friday afternoon, 12th of May 2017, I began watching TV reports of a massive cyberattack in which the WannaCry virus encrypted data on thousands of computers and demanded a ransom to decrypt it. It had spread virally encrypting computer data at schools, hospitals, government agencies and many businesses at a global level. The attack now ranks as among the most disruptive in history.

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10 reasons why having a mentor will give your career a boost.

I have recently had the opportunity of becoming a mentor to a colleague that had been with the company for just under a year. Having had ample opportunities to have her identified as a potential future star, it didn’t escape me that women and minorities in particular, may face more challenges and may not reap the same opportunities as men do in corporate life. Read more

Insurance is fast getting ahead in a digital world

I have been fascinated by the meteoric changes the world of insurance has experienced in a few short years. Legacy insurers have had to look deep and hard into the potential effects of nimble new comers who continue to introduce fresh concepts in insurance and service. Read more